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  • “Fintech Mortgage is the industry’s best option for the
    client, agent, and loan officer.”

    Dustin Burke, CEO
  • “Fintech Mortgage is the premier mortgage company in Florida.”

    Christopher Talley
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    Jenna Haughbrook, REALTOR®


Use our quick & easy tool to find out what you qualify for now!


Who is Fintech Mortgage?

Who is Fintech Mortgage?

Why a Fintech Mortgage®?



Getting a Finmae mortgage means partnering with mortgage experts that know how to remove challenges to the home loan process.


Whether buying your first home or scooping up an investment property, we work tirelessly to create a tailored loan solution for you.


Finmae is engaged in the communities we serve; giving back our time, treasure, and talent to make our cities a better place to live. Click Here to learn more


From our proprietary QuickQualification tools to our first-in-class client engagement, we’re fusing speed, service, and certainty to create unmatched mortgage excellence.


Our executives and client managers know business doesn’t end at 5 o’clock. Click Here to make a contact.



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The Finmae Way

You don’t need a rocket to get a mortgage. We’ve created a simple and streamlined mortgage experience – just the way you want it. With a Fintech Mortgage®, we eliminate surprise roadblocks by spending important time at the beginning of the home loan search to understand what makes each mortgage experience special. By combining first-in-class expertise with path-bending mortgage tech, you’ll enjoy a seamless mortgage experience we call “the Finmae Way”.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Our online QuickQualification tool is the mortgage industry’s best self-assessment of your ability to achieve an underwriting approval. Once you’re ready to speak with someone, we’ll connect you with a mortgage expert to evaluate your credit, income, and assets; and to identify the home loan programs for which you qualify. Next, we’ll give you a pre-approval letter to let real estate agents and sellers know that you’re a serious buyer. Finally, you and your real estate agent can begin your home search.

  • Review credit, income & assets
  • Determine loan program & pre-approval
  • Begin home search
Apply Today

Apply Today

Once you’re pre-approved, you can immediately begin a full mortgage application, or you can wait until you’ve secured a home contract. Either way, we’re here to help you move things forward on your timeline. Once you’re under contract, we’ll gather information about the property and prepare the official mortgage documents for your review and signature.

  • Identify home
  • Update & complete mortgage application
  • Review & sign mortgage documents
Set Up

Set Up

Set up is when we begin orchestrating third-party inspections, initiating searches, ordering verification, and requesting other reports to complete your mortgage application. Your dedicated fulfillment team will order the appraisal, title search, and other inspections needed for your new home. Also, we’ll obtain supplemental verifications and transcripts to support the information on your loan application.

  • Coordinate appraisal inspection
  • Order title search
  • Request verification, transcripts, and other reports


During processing, we compile and verify your loan file is ready for underwriting review. If something is missing, a member of your fulfillment team will try to obtain the information on your behalf or contact you to gather whatever is missing. If your loan file is complete, we’ll present your loan to underwriting for review.

  • Compile complete loan file
  • Gather missing information
  • Submit for underwriting review


Underwriters check loan submissions to make sure they meet mortgage loan guidelines. If the submission meets the guidelines, the underwriter will issue an underwriting approval. In certain instances, the submission does not meet guidelines and the underwriter will deny the loan. Once an underwriter approves a loan, he or she may have additional questions or require supplemental documents from you or various other parties to the loan. Those additional questions or documents are called “conditions”. Your fulfillment team will work with your or on your behalf to clear your loan for closing. Once underwriter clears all conditions, the loan is “clear to close”.

  • Underwriter compares loan to guidelines
  • Underwriter approves or denies loan
  • Processing coordinate to clear underwriting conditions
Clear to Close


Once you loan is clear to close, we’ll coordinate the closing with the title company. The title company is the settlement agent, receiving and distributing all funds, and insuring the buyer and seller have done what the need to do for the transfer of the property. Once the title company accounts for funds and verifies all documents have been properly signed, you’ll receive title (and the keys) to your new home. At this point, you’ve completed your home purchase.

  • Schedule closing with title company
  • Bring funds & sign closing documents
  • Take keys to new home